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Choosing a topic for a dissertation For a monographic work, consider only two requirements: 1.2.1 For consistency and good dissertation writing, it is undesirable to work together on problems between which the dissertation itself does not reveal a connection. Who can you work with? there are several options: a college teacher, a lecturer, an essay writer (, your friend or any other acquaintance who agrees to help you. 1.2.2 for the sake of completeness, writing a thesis, the object of study as far as possible (taking into account, for example, limitations) to form a round integral problem and, thus, allow to go deep enough into the problem to solve it. Positive examples: the form of the week in Plautus, the concept of love by Catullus, the features of Homeric parables about animals; negative examples: the Ciceronian concept of the state. 1.2.3 Translation of the original genre with a preface and notes. It is important that the emphasis in such cases is placed on the preface and notes to the text. It cannot arise from a lexicon-like short description, but is linked to the text, they must see the problems, describe them, and suggest alternative solutions. In such cases, contact the Essay Authors Service ( so that they can read your essay and draw conclusions. 1.1). Examples of a place in Catullus (“lugete o Veneres Cupidinesque”, p. 3,1): [footnote to Cupids: “Companion of Cupid of Venus, the god of desires” [footnote correct:] “The plural form of Cupid is somewhat puzzling; H. thinks so and Yu. says that the figure is explained by the fact that .... Yu. is hardly right in this, because ... " Translation can (actually: be!) translated into other languages (mostly translations of critical editions) - this is literature itself, a scientific result - but with mandatory criticism: the original text must form the basis of the English translation. If you are afraid that your text will suffer after translation, contact the authors of the essay ( for help, I think they will be able to give you valuable advice on what to do in such cases so that the text does not lose its vocabulary and sound. 1.2.4 Basic rule: the choice of title must be accurate, i.e. accurately reflect the essence of the dissertation, content.

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